“Bae” Day: Cooking with a Twist

This is the first installment of the “Bae” Day segment of my blog. “Bae” Day is where I’ll recommend places to go for date night with your boo thang! Cooking with a Twist is up first! !  I am recommending this as a “Bae” day because there were several couples there, however, please feel free to go with your non-bae people as well!

I follow Cooking with a Twist on Facebook and every once in a while they will run a BOGO special on their cooking classes.  I noticed I didn’t really have any plans to celebrate my sorority’s Founders Day so I thought, “this might be a great thing to try.”  So I sent an IM on FB to one of my favorite sorority sisters Kay (Kay’s Kettle Corn—check it out-it’s amazing) who is always down to try something new and she agreed to meet me to celebrate our Founders Day.

Cooking with a Twist is an intimate space where you come to cook and BYOB! They provide glasses for you to use and they have their hibiscus tea for purchase.  I chose to bring my own drinks so we could really have brunch! I mean brunch without drinks is well, breakfast.  There are six stations set up for for up to 16 people to cook. Each station has two convection burners and all of the tools you need are underneath the counter top. Upon arrival, you’re instructed to put your things in the cubby spaces provided, put your beverages on ice, wash your hands, grab your apron and head to the station of your choice.

The Cooking

Chef DeDe and her staff provide you with instructions and walk you through each step of the cooking process.  If you need something, her assistants will bring it to you.  Chef DeDe is very hands on and walks around and makes small talk with the groups as well as takes her own pictures (so you may end up on her website or FB page.) I will spare the details of this great cooking experience, but below are the final pics of our brunch food:

I was so stuffed that we let the ladies next to us take the left overs.  I needed a nap after this event. Here’s what is so great about Cooking with a Twist Cooking classes: for the amount you pay, you receive way more food to cook and share.  I’ve attended other classes where I’ve left starving and we’d only prepared maybe a 3 course meal. Cooking with a Twist offers 5 course meals that are still less than $90/person.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not cook together!  Doing any type of activity that requires you working together makes for an awesome Bae Date! Check it out next time you’re looking for a unique experience with your boo thang!


Cooking with a Twist
13003 Murphy Road Suite B-7
Stafford, Texas 77477

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    Tish Wiggins January 18 (3:05 am)

    Great write up! I like the segment ‘Bae’ Day!

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      Bridgette Wilkins January 21 (7:29 pm)

      Thanks Tish!

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