Travel Bites: Brunch at Ida Claire, Dallas, TX

One of my buddies Vern mentioned doing brunch the previous evening and to call him Saturday morning so we can get all of our nutrients in before this sun fest of libations and college fun at the pool party.  Well, duh, of course my partner in crime(not in real life crime) Deidra and I were up to brunch. We called Saturday morning, left a voice mail, "VERN--IT'S B..BRUNCH!" He immediately called back, said, "Let's meet at Ida Claire's--meet you all at 10:30."

“Bae” Day: Cooking with a Twist

This is the first installment of the “Bae” Day segment of my blog. “Bae” Day is where I’ll recommend places to go for date night with your boo thang! Cooking with a Twist is up first! !  I am recommending this as a “Bae” day because there were several couples there, however, please feel free to go with your non-bae people as well! I follow Cooking with a Twist on Facebook and every once in a while they will run a BOGO special on their cooking classes.  I noticed I didn’t ...

First Bite: Harold’s in the Heights

My brunch buddy said, "Chef what do you recommend?" Chef Antoine replied, "Is this your first time?  We have some really great things. What are you interested in?" Brunch buddy said, "Chef we'll eat whatever you recommend." Chef said, "Really? Well let me take those menus from you." I was ELATED-- a personal chef tasting menu for regular price?! Okay!  to brunch!"

First Bite: Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

I've heard about Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts since they opened, but I just never think of driving all the way from Pearland to the Heights. One day after I finished teaching my collegiate class, I said, "I think I'm close to the Heights, let's see how far Lee's is from here." I put the address in Google Maps and it was less than 3 miles so I decided to visit for to go dinner. The Interior Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts is a quaint restaurant with limited booth seating inside as well as a ...

First Bite: Bacon Bros. Public House- Sugar Land, TX

So Saturday was a busy day: 2 mile walk at the park, shower, choir rehearsal at church, then on to spend the rest of the day with my mama. Mama wanted to upgrade her cell phone and wanted me to go with her and that's when the rest of the day took a "Couple of Forevers" (great Chrisette Michele song by the way--yes, there is a song for everything) to end.  So while she determined which color Iphone she wanted--then case- then cover-then the TRANSFER OF data from phone to phone (yes, I know it's ...