First Bite: Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

I’ve heard about Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts since they opened, but I just never think of driving all the way from Pearland to the Heights. One day after I finished teaching my collegiate class, I said, “I think I’m close to the Heights, let’s see how far Lee’s is from here.” I put the address in Google Maps and it was less than 3 miles so I decided to visit for to go dinner.

The Interior

Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts is a quaint restaurant with limited booth seating inside as well as a small patio on the side and curbside seating in front.  Upon entrance, you will go to the counter and order your food from the menu screen that hovers on the left side of the first register.  Once you place your order, keep your receipt because your order number is listed at the top.  I saw the display of yummy donuts but I passed since I was all about the chicken sandwich today.

The Chicken

There are several options to choose from here: from chicken meals with side dishes to breakfast, donuts and ice cream. I chose to try one of the chicken sandwiches: Lee’s Southern Bird


Lee’s Southern Bird Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich consists of two fried chicken tenders, topped with pimento cheese, bread and butter pickles, and Lee’s jalapeno bacon marmalade served on a potato bun.  If you read my previous post on Bacon Bros, you can see I like pimento cheese and fried chicken.  I will say that I really liked the sandwich– I love a potato bun and the cheesiness of the pimento cheese, which melted a little on top of the hot chicken tenders, and the sweet of the marmalade and pickles made this a worthwhile sandwich to try.  I love sweet and savory and this fit the bill.

Second Try: Sandwich my way!

So after I tried the sandwich, I thought–a few more pickles would have set this sandwich off.  So I went to Lee’s Facebook Page   and commented that if I could have a few more bred and butter pickles that would “set this sandwich off.” The response was, “Ask, they will give you a few more.” A part of me thought, “well DUH,” while another part of me thought, “I don’t really wanna go in to a restaurant telling you how to make your sandwich. I wanna try it the way you make it regularly.”  Sounds crazy, but I mean who am I to try and change your sandwhich –it’s not like I was at a fast food restaurant where you can “have it your way.”  However, since you’re giving me permission, let’s do it.

So after class last night, I said, “I’m gonna get those extra pickles! Lee told me to. I also wanna try the H-Town Hot Chicken this time.” The H-Town Hot Chicken is the spicy chicken dipped in a spicy sauce so it has a redish tint to the chicken.

So I took the short drive over, got to the counter and said, “Hi, I’d like to order the Southern Bird but mam, can you add extra bread and butter pickles?”  She said, “Sure” and I saw, “extra pickles” on my order so then I felt lucky and I said, “I hate to be a bother but can you warm up that potato bun for me too?,” She said, “I believe they can I’ll tell them.” I felt like I was #winning. I got my ticket, went to sit down and said to myself, “WHA THA WHA–I FORGOT TO GET THE HOT CHICKEN.” So I rush up to the counter, and there’s a nice looking guy with tattoos and those black ring things in his earlobes doing something on a register and said, “Sir, I forgot to make my chicken the hot chicken is it too late to change it?” He said, “No mam, I can fix that.” He yelled, back “Make that Southern Bird Hot!”  So I’m am really feeling myself like I got the $100 scratch off winning ticket or something. So they call my number , I grab my bag and head home.


My “Have it your way” Lee’s Southern Bird Sandwich with H-town Hot Chicken

The chicken was spicy which was so exciting– plenty say “Spicy” but don’t deliver–this H-town Hot chicken delivered. The addition of the warm potato bread bun ,the extra pickles, and the spicy chicken sent this sandwich up to a 10 in my book.  I love the jalapeno bacon marmalade but it only adds a sweetness instead of a spicy sweetness because there’s no recognition of the jalapeno.  It is not a complaint from this patron, just an observation.  Now, you will want to have a cup of water to drink, not because of spice, but because it is not “high blood pressure” friendly, but it’s so effin good.

If you’re in the Heights area, stop by Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts. Tell them Bits n Bites sent ya!  Then report back and let me know your thoughts.

If you’ve gone, drop a note and let me know what I should try on my next visit!

Until the next bite,

Miss B.


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    SK Harrell July 25 (7:06 pm)

    This review is very engaging. You are a natural!!!!

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      priceless97 July 25 (7:06 pm)

      Thanks a bunch SK

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    Fishbone the great July 25 (7:07 pm)


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    Marguerite McKinney July 25 (8:27 pm)

    Yummy…………….I am on my way to Lee’s to try this sandwich. You are such a great story teller! I can see my hands wrapped around this sandwich..

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