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In November I traveled to Miami for a college friend’s wedding. Coming off of my homecoming weekend, I got in town late Friday night to rest up and to have an easy day in Miami on Saturday before the brunch time wedding on Sunday. My girlfriend and fellow food blogger Tish Around Town were trying to figure out what we were going to dine during this Miami visit and suggested that we try the new food hall concept Time Out Market in Miami Beach. So of course we were gonna go!

Interior of Time Out Market

Interior of Time Out Market Miami

The place is spacious and full of natural light despite this overcast Miami day. There are TVs showing all football games taking place on the day we are there. You’ve got families and singles and groups of people ready to mingle over food and cocktails while discussing life and the rest of the day’s plans.

Main Bar inside Time Out Market Miami

Main Bar inside Time Out Market Miami

I also love that there are featured chef booths as well as restaurant outposts and food trucks booths.  It’s nice to see featured chefs that really have no name on their booth other than “Featured Chef” which, in my head, suggests that the chefs will rotate.  You’ve got  a Chopped winner and a James Beard chef in rotation currently.  Sounds like a great set up and a wide range of chef and cooking skills going on in this 17,500 sq feet of foodie heaven!

As we picked up our orders I noticed something totally different from other food halls: branding. The dinnerware all said Time Out Market. At most food halls you order from a booth and you get the restaurants branding on your napkins or cups but not here. It is all about you remembering this Food Hall and the food experience here. You have dinner ware and silverware which doesn’t make you feel as if you’re eating fast casual but yet enjoying a more upscale dining experience. I can dig it.

So we did what most people SHOULD do when you enter a food hall..look around and devise a plan. The great thing about this group of foodie friends is that we all bought plates and created our own mini tasting. Take a peek at our choices:

Food Review

The Smoked Wings at Miami Smoker(Booth 7)

I don’t know if the Miami barbeque smoke hits different than the Houston smoke but what I do know is these wings were insanely delicious. They were fall off the bone tender and needed no sauce. I don’t even know if sauce was offered or available but I wasn’t searching for any.  I still dream about these wings and wish I could find a chicken drumette/wingette like that in Houston. Who got them smokey tender wingettes in H-Town!? I need the plug!

Creamy Gouda Crab Mac n Cheese at Ms. Cheezious (Booth 8)

Creamy Gouda Mac n Cheese with Crab from Mz. Cheezious

A food truck turned brick n mortar provides a piece of cheese art with this mac n cheese.  The melt was on point and the addition of the crab (for $5 more) did not disappoint. I literally could see and taste the crab which sometimes doesn’t quite work out with crab dishes. This one is a winner if you prefer not to dive into one any one of their grilled cheese sandwhiches like the one below

Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Ms. Cheezious

Brussel Sprouts:Guest Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli (Booth 15)

Food Network’s Chopped winner Giorgio Rapicavoli  is showcasing several of his notable dishes from his restaurant fame at Eating House restaurant in Coral Gables. The asian spin on the brussel sprouts was dope with the Korean bbque sauce, sesame seeds and the radish adding a nice crunch. Definitely a winner!

While we did try other dishes but these were a few of my standouts!Truth is that a couple others I just couldn’t find the booths so I didn’t want to mention them since I’m sure the menus are rotating. Sorry.

If you have an opportunity to hit up Miami, please stop by this wonderful Miami Beach spot. There are several other locations of Time Out Market in the United States including Chicago and Boston.

Time Out Market- Miami
1601 Drexel Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Until next time cool kids!


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