Who Am I?

Thanks for taking time to visit my little piece of happiness on the web Bits N Bites. I am Bridgette Wilkins, a high school teacher by day, adjunct professor once a week, and a lover of all things related to food, travel and great products! When your friends continue asking you, “Where’d you get that lipstick?”- “I need a new brunch spot-where should we go?” or “What did you do on your trip to PR?”, “What are you using on your skin for that glow?” you think to yourself maybe others would like to know about those things too. So since I can’t meet everyone in the world, which I would love to by the way, and I love to talk and share information–why not do it in a written format? Thus Bits N Bites was created!

I’m really simple- I love all things and I want to share all things with you. I love comments because I love to learn from you as well so if a post piques your interest and you’d like to share your knowledge, please do so!

Welcome again to Bits.n.Bites, where I will share tidbits of my life in manageable digital bites!