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There are many times that I get together with fellow food bloggers and we go out and try a new spot or introduce each other to a favorite spot.  We usually agree to one spot but there’s this one who LOVES to go to at least one additional spot every. single.time unless she has another appointment. LOL  We love her for it though.  This Funday Sunday our first stop consisted of primarily hot chocolate so we were still pretty hungry.  We spoke with another blogger who wanted us to meet at a’Bouzy.  Since we were close, and our girl made a reservation for 2 pm, we decided to check out the brunch menu.

So while they do provide valet parking, you may be successful finding some perimeter parking around a few of the streets or in some of the parking lots across the street from the restaurant.  When I walked in I literally thought, “This is where all fillers, fashionistas, the nouveau and those with excellent contouring converge on Sundays!” I mean it was pretty amazing to look around.  It’s definitely a place to come and people watch.  Since we were experiencing a “Spring” Winter Day, we opted for patio seating.

The Food

Complimentary _Popcorn_a\'Bouzy.jpg

So as you settle in to your chair and your waiter brings your water, they later return with a bag of popcorn (pictured left) instead of bread which I thought was the cutest thing ever.  I never would have thought of that but, then again, that’s why I leave that to the professionals in the industry.

As we share the popcorn we decide on the bottle of bubbly we will order for our Mimosas. You see at a’Bouzy you’re encouraged to purchase a bottle just so they can open it and your table can yell, “a’Bouzy!!!!” Sounds crazy but it’s so not.  By the time you start on your 2nd drink, you’re yelling, “a’Bouzy!” with other tables as they pop bottles!

This group call along with the popcorn give it such a groovy vibe that I would come just for popcorn and bubbly!


So we take a look at the brunch menu and we order (left to right):
1. Chopped Bacon Caesar Salad: It looked hella good and I loved the bacon kinda semi hard but “sliceable” with your knife.  I guess that’s what makes it a chopped salad–or maybe the fact that the romaine lettuce is chopped? I dunno but looked fabo! Oh and you can also order this salad with other protein options like chicken, shrimp, lump crab, or salmon for an additional fee

2. Bagel & Lox: I am all about a great bagel and lox!  This was my meal and it definitely is a really great lox. Spread a little bit (or a lot of bit) of the dill cream cheese on the bagel, a little red onion (which I ONLY eat raw during lox and bagel time), and enjoy the caviar- lemon oil drizzle.  Be careful with the drizzle because there was little too much on mine.  No one wants to be around beautiful people, eating beautiful food, snapping awesome selfies of this wonderful time, only to discover that your drizzle drizzled right in the middle of your lady lumps on your picture.  Not so “insta worthy” now is it? So be careful when you order this.  It’s definitely a knife and fork event.

3. B.A.L.T.E.: Bacon, Avocado, bBibb lettuce, Tomato, fried Egg sandwich. The egg comes with runny yolk so if that is not your thing you may want to ask them to fry your egg hard. This was a hella good looking sandwich that also comes with  house- made kettle chips. My companion said that sandwich was amazing but the kettle chips were a little too greasy for her but she’d definitely order it again.

Overall this was a great experience.  The food, the bubbly, the people watching and the conversation with my dining companions.  It was so awesome for brunch that I am certainly coming back for dinner service.

Make sure you order a bottle of bubbly so you can have the experience below


a’Bouzy #coolkidcertified
2300 Westheimer
Houston, TX  77098
SAT 10AM – 11PM
SUN 10AM – 10PM




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